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Derrick Rose Gets Engaged With Alaina Anderson At Madison Square Garden: "I Will Always Love You..."

Derrick Rose Gets Engaged At Madison Square Garden- "I Will Always Love You..."

Amid a crazy and exciting time for the NBA, with the new season right around the corner, New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose became the source of another cause for celebration.

As he announced on Instagram, the father of two is now engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Alaina, after a romantic proposal in Madison Square Garden.

Here's the caption:

To My Ace

I didn’t know things were going to go this way.
Even from the jump I didn’t know I was texting Big Jay.

I didn’t know how you were going to perceive me.
But this entire time I was hoping that you would believe me.

Believe the words that I will have your back and love u forever.
When I FIRST saw you I told Ryan that we were gon be together.

It took both of us a while to let down our guards.
That’s only becuz both of our hearts were scarred.

We are two peas in a pod becuz we are truly MISUNDERSTOOD.
We got our heart and swag from this place called ENGLEWOOD.

I will always love you becuz you go above and beyond
We built a beautiful family and a unbreakable bond.

Thank you Queen.

As you might expect, the comment section was buzzing with congratulations and overall positive vibes from people all around the world.

Rose, 33, is a beloved NBA figure. A former MVP and 3x All-Star, he achieved unprecedented stardom in Chicago, carving out his place in basketball history.

Despite his encounter with a series of brutal injuries at the height of his career, he battled his way through them all and remains a valuable player in the league.

Whether it's his amazing perseverance or loveable personality, the guy is a favorite to many, so it's no surprise the news went viral in less than an hour after his announcement. 

No doubt, seeing him tie the knot with the love of his life is something everyone can appreciate.