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Designer Shows How LeBron James Would Look With No Hair

Credit: Noah Lie-Nielsen

Credit: Noah Lie-Nielsen

LeBron James has been criticized for a lot of things throughout his career, but one of the most famous things about the King is his hair, which keeps fading every year.

James has tried everything to keep and grow his hair, but so far things have been ineffective for him. Plenty of fans believe Bron should just give up on his hair and embrace his baldness. A designer called Noah Lie-Nielsen has shown how James would look if he decides to shave his head completely.

Although it is weird to see LeBron and that haircut, perhaps he’ll be doing that in real life after all his treatments were wrong.

But make no mistake, the Lakers’ last superstar was also bald, so that could make things easier (or harder) to Bron. He’s often compared with Kobe Bryant and shaving his head would see him as Kobe 2.0.