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Didi Richards Says Her Mom 'Loved' Being Complimented By Shaq O'Neal

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Shaquille O'Neal made many people laugh when he shot his shot with DiDi Richard's mom last month. The NBA legend isn't one to be afraid of speaking his mind and when he saw the opportunity, he took it. 

During an edition of Inside the NBA ahead of the WNBA draft, the 4x NBA champion, and the rest of the crew, noticed DiDi's mom, Ungeanetta, is a very good-looking woman and Shaq was ready to hit on her. 

“Hey D-Wade,” O’Neal called to fellow co-host Dwyane Wade, “I got a new website called ‘damn yo momma fine.’”

This sparked a lot of reactions around the basketball community. One month after that moment, DiDi opened up on that situation, saying she understands that her mom will always get attention and Ungeanetta isn't hiding from that, either. 

“My mom’s beautiful and I know that, and it’s just good to see the world take that in,” Richards told reporters, via the New York Post. “She’s the face behind the face, and no one ever gets to see that. And I’m just happy that she got her little shine. She loves it. My mom loves the attention. So as long as she loves it, I love it.”

Shaq is known for a shooter off the court, and this was another proof of that. He's been divorced since 2011 and is apparently trying to find love again. 

DiDi is ready to start her WNBA career with the New York Liberty, teaming up with phenom Sabrina Ionescu in the big apple.