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Donovan Mitchell Exposes Fan Who Claims He Has A Friend Who Looks Just Like Him

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

There's no doubt that every people on earth would love to befriend an NBA player. I mean, just imagine the people you could meet, the places you could travel to, the food you could eat. That's living the dream without having to work out as hard as them.

That's why there are always people trying to brag on social media about the people they're friends with, especially if they're related to NBA players.

And recently, Twitter user Lakeshow Nico apparently wanted to claim that he's friends with Donovan Mitchell by posting a picture of a friend who "looks like him". He posted a pic of a young Mitchell, presumably to make people think that they're lifelong buddies:

"I got a friend that looks just like Donovan Mitchell. LMK if y’all want a photo of him," the fan tweeted, followed by a pic of his so-called friend.

What he never thought is that the picture will reach Donovan Mitchell's timeline, and Spida didn't hesitate to expose him and call BS on that picture of his alleged friend:

"Fam that’s me bruh," Mitchell hilariously responded.

Donovan Mitchell is one of the most easy-going players in the league and he's constantly voicing off his thoughts on social media, so he definitely didn't take it the wrong way. The Twitter user, however, will have to find a way to get clout another way, as that's just not going to fly twice.

This is just one of the many reasons why Donovan Mitchell has quickly become a fan favorite around the league. He's often reaching out to his fans and has stayed the same humble kid he was when he first entered the NBA. Hopefully, he'll stay like that until he retires.