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Donovan Mitchell Roasts Draymond Green On Twitter After Scuffle With James Harden


Even if Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell is sitting at home out of the playoff race in the West, that doesn't mean he can't get involved in the Western Conference Finals on Twitter, does it?

During the opening game of the Western Conference Finals series between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors, serial pest Draymond Green was up to his usual antics very early on, as within the first two minutes of the game, he had already collected his first technical foul, getting into it with James Harden on the baseline.

Donovan Mitchell, who has been active on Twitter after falling to the Rockets in five games in the second round of the playoffs, took to Twitter again to clown Draymond Green for his tech early on.

With things getting interesting between the two teams within the first two minutes of Game 1, and at least another three games to go, we can all expect 1. Draymond Green to continue to annoy Harden and company and 2. Donovan Mitchell to be posting about it from home.