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Donovan Mitchell Tries To Slide Into Zendaya's DMs, Gets Roasted By Rudy Gobert

Donovan Mitchell Tries To Slide Into Zendaya's DMs, Gets Roasted By Rudy Gobert

Every now and then, a new celebrity takes the world for assault and athletes from all major sports try their best to hook up with them. And now, it looks like NBA players have completely fallen for Euphoria's star Zendaya, as the 23-year-old actress has been getting a lot of attention lately.

First, it was Warriors' rookie Jordan Poole the one to try and hit on her, and now, the former 'Shake it Up' star has drawn Donovan Mitchell's attention.

The Utah Jazz guard tried to be slick and went on to Twitter to shoot his shot on Zendaya, simply telling her to 'Run It Back' after she posted a GIF of a dancing Spider-Man.

Zendaya posted the GIF to celebrate Spider-Man was going back to Marvel's Cinematic Universe following a contract dispute between Disney and Sony, and it looked like the lamest excuse for Mitchell to try and slide into her DMs.

The singer and actress was unfazed by Mitchell's attempt from way downtown and didn't reply or even liked his comment, at least, to our knowledge.

And to make things even worse, Mitchell's teammate Rudy Gobert noticed his shot attempt and decided to help him out, not without completely roasting him first for that lame comment:

"You are 0/5 bro next time let me set a good screen for you," Gobert wrote on his Twitter account, and Mitchell had no choice but to crack up after being called out like that.

Zendaya will continue to break the hearts of thousands of people when she makes another appearance in Spider-Man movies, so she's not going away any time soon.

Mitchell will definitely get another shot at sliding at her DMs, so hopefully, Gobert will live by his word and try to help his man out instead of just making fun of him on social media. ¡That's cold, man!