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Donte DiVincenzo Has Shown Just How Broke He Is Before First Pay Day From The NBA


Trying to juggle education and your own financial situation can be extremely tough as a college kid. Most of your days are already taken up by classes, and when they aren't, most of your free time is spent studying, barely leaving any time to just relax, let alone finding and maintaining a job.

Recent Milwaukee Bucks recruit and former Villanova player Donte DiVincenzo knows all about it, and is still struggling like a broke college kid, even though he's technically in the NBA.

DiVincenzo was taken 17th overall this year by the Milwaukee Bucks, but has yet to receive his first paycheck from the team, and Donte may be struggling to make ends meet, judging by a picture posted by fellow Bucks player D.J. Wilson.

Donte's everyday checking account has only $2.68, and his savings has even less at $1.03. That adds up for a grand total of $3.71 to his name. Wow.

DiVincenzo won't have to worry about his money situation for much longer however, as based on the NBA Rookie Scale, the 17th pick usually earns around $2,067,500 for their first contract. He could potentially be paid more, however, as rookies can be paid anywhere from 80-120% of the scale, for a max of $5,386,800 across two years in DiVincenzo's case.