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Drake Blasts Draymond Green And Warriors In Wake Of Raptors' Game 4 Win

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Nobody was happier about the Raptors Game 4 victory then Toronto superfan Drake, who has been on the sidelines every game rooting for his squad. He often takes his fandom to the extreme though, trolling the Warriors both on the court and on social media.

His latest internet roast came from Instagram, where he took a jab at Draymond Green before the game was even over.

The post was filled with commenters, with one saying “You posting before the game even over bro. You savage lol,” followed by another that read “I didn’t know man was this petty.. & I’m so proud.”

Green has yet to respond to the post, but the two have had some interactions in the past, one of which involved Drake calling Draymond "trash" at the end of Game 1. It will be interesting to see how things progress on the outcome of Game 6. Obviously, if the Raptors close things out, Drake will have a lot of talking left to do.

If the Warriors storm back and win the series down 3-1, however, you can bet Draymond will be all over that. So, for Toronto's sake, they better hope things come to an end on Monday or things will get very testy.