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Draymond Green Absolutely Trolls The Cavs In Warriors' Visit To Cleveland

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For some reason, the Warriors have been flaming the Cleveland Cavaliers of late. It's been ridiculous, honestly.

We saw it first with Klay Thompson, who literally called the Cavs "idiots" and "bums" for their antics with the whole cupcake scandal after the 2016 Finals. Now, we're seeing Draymond Green do the same. Only this time, he's on their turf.

In his visit to Cleveland on Wednesday night, in which the Warriors got the 129-105 win, Draymond posted a very obvious jab towards the Cavs and their recent Finals losses on his Instagram story.

In the vid, he cleverly notes how the locker room doesn't smell like Champagne anymore. It's a reference towards this most recent NBA Finals match when the Dubs won in a clean sweep and celebrated in that same locker room.

Yikes! Maybe you should relax Draymond, Cavs fans have already had it pretty rough as it is.

After consecutive Finals defeats, and the departure of LeBron James, there is not a whole lot going right in The Land right now.

No doubt, there won't be any champagne in that building for quite some time.

Regardless, it's interesting how much talk the Dubs have been doing this season. With so much reported turmoil for the team, they seem to be as cocky as ever. We'll see how that works out for them.