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Draymond Green's Terrible Bluff Costs Him $5.000 Vs. Professional Poker Player


Draymond Green is known for being one of the most versatile defenders in the world. He's a skilled player that can do a little bit of everything on both ends of the floor, and a vocal leader that will always let you know what's on his mind.

While that may be a great personality trait for a basketball player, that's not exactly what you'd want if you were to get on a table next to some of the best poker players in the world.

Sadly for him, Green learned it the hard way, after a terrible bluff cost him 5 grand on a hand vs. Maria Ho, a professional poker player that read him like the menu on a dining room.

Green was holding nothing in his hand but still decided to go all-in, and Ho was having none of it. Obviously, she knew Green wasn't confident enough about his hand and called BS on him.

Draymond was clearly upset about being called out so easily, but it's never easy to hide your emotions when you're playing vs. professionals, especially if you're used to being as transparent as it gets.

Luckily for him, the NBA season is just around the corner, so he'll have plenty of chances to let everybody know a piece of his mind, just like he's done throughout the course of his career.

Green has racked up technical fouls as if they were personal fouls because of his loud character, passionate heart and feel for the game, so perhaps he'll be better off on an NBA hardwood rather than on a poker table.

This year, Green will enter the season as ESPN's 38th best player in the world, and he'll have a huge responsibility with Steve Kerr's team now that Klay Thompson will likely miss most of the season with an ACL injury.