Duncan Robinson Tells Bizarre Story Of How He Tried To Impress Some Kids And Airballed A Jumpshot

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Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Every now and then, an athlete goes viral after sharing a moment with his fans. He unexpectedly just shows up and decides to play with some random kids, then takes off, and that's it.

That has to be one of the most exciting things a young man could ever experience, and - obviously - it also helps boost the athlete's reputation.

That's what Miami Heat's Duncan Robinson tried to do with some kids playing on Miami. Little did he know that not only he was going to miss on his attempt to impress them but also that they wouldn't even know who he actually was:

“We're driving around Miami, we're picking up some food and we see these two kids playing basketball (...) and I thought I'd do like this cool moment for these kids and I'm like 'yes, this is gonna be awesome.' I get out of my car. I ask for the ball. The kid is startled and confused and is weirded out, like, ‘Who’s this random guy getting out of a car asking me for the ball that I’m playing with?. He reluctantly throws me the ball, I shoot, I miss. … I think I might have airballed, I don’t know. There's like this uncomfortable moment (…) Kid doesn’t even recognize me, doesn’t even care at all. There's just this awkward moment when I'm just standing, I kind of look back like 'hey, what do I do.' I just get to the car and we drive off," Robinson hilariously said on his Podcast The Long Shot.

I just can't imagine the look on those kids' faces when they saw a grown man getting out of his car, asking for the ball, and then immediately airballing a shot. I mean, it must have been the most bizarre experience they could ever have.

Luckily for him, the kids didn't even know who he was. That could've make them switch teams and ditch the Miami Heat.