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Dwyane Wade Has A Problem With His Wife Kissing John Cho

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

Going on social media just to find your wife kissing another man must be pretty upsetting, and you can ask Dwyane Wade about it, who found himself in that situation recently, reacting like any other human in his position would have.

His wife, actress Gabrielle Union, had retweeted a GIF of a love scene between her and actor John Cho from one of her old television shows. Bad luck for Wade that he found out the tweet, expressing his discomfort with the situation.

“Not what I wanted to come on twitter and see,” he said.

The GIF in question was from the ABC television series “Flash Forward,” which premiered in 2009 and was canceled after one year. Cho played the role of an FBI agent on the show, with Union making appearances in nine of the 22 episodes aired.

Even though that’s from a decade ago, you can’t blame Wade for his words. His wife was acting, but it’s not like everybody enjoys watching their wife kiss another man, not even if that's her job.