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Dwyane Wade Posts Emotional Instagram Tribute After Game Against LeBron


The relationship between Dwyane Wade and LeBron James is a unique one.

They were competitors, then they were teammates, and now they're brothers. In last night's Lakers vs Heat game, we saw those emotions pour out on the floor, for what was the final professional matchup between the two basketball icons.

Even after the game, Wade made sure to let his bros know just how much they've meant to him.

Earlier this year, Wade announced he'd return for his final NBA season. And after a few years with the Bulls and Cavs, he returned him to Miami to close things out. A fitting way to end.

Though, unlike Kobe, there hasn't really been a retirement tour or anything of the sort. Things have been rather quiet for Wade, and it almost seems like we've forgotten he's playing his final pro-basketball games.

So it was nice to see this type of reaction from the Lakers (who posted a tribute vid to Wade) and Wade himself on what has been a fantastic career.

Hopefully we'll see more of these as the season draws to a close.