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Dwyane Wade Randomly Surprised A Fan At His Gym After Asking Where He Can Hoop


Dwayne Wade is now coming into his 16th NBA season and is still currently a free agent. Miami does have plans to eventually sign him, and he made it clear that if they don’t, he will retire.

The 36-year-old recently sent out a tweet saying:

“Where the local hoopers at NYC!?!? The after-work hoopers."

We didn’t know if Wade was actually serious about joining other people in their local gym after work, rather him asking a general question of what everyone was up to. A random fan named Brian Poliakoff replied to his tweet, asking him to join him at The Chelsea Piers, and play in a 5v5 match.

Poliakoff even managed to get a photo with Wade to prove he actually showed up.

It’s really nice to see Wade engaging with his fans, earning more respect, and becoming a very likable guy. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen him in local gyms, playing scrimmages with randoms, and working out with fans.

The three-time NBA champion will most likely be entering his last season in the NBA, and will forever be cherished from Heat fans, and the entire NBA as one of the best shooting guards in NBA history.