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Enes Kanter Says He Wants To Get Into The WWE


Enes Kanter plays basketball for a living. Thats a job that most people envy.

Kanter, though, is eyeing something else in the future, and it's something a lot of folks would find pretty surprising: professional wrestling.

That's right, Enes has a passion for the WWE, and has even said that he's serious about competing there one day.

“I’m actually talking to the people over there now. Vince McMahon, he knows me,” Kanter said to Vice Sports' Michael Pina. “I had dinner with [Paul Heyman] two, three days ago. I asked him how long he’s gonna do this and he said ‘as long as Brock [Lesnar] goes, I go, and then I’m with you.’ I’m like yes! Seriously. I’m really serious about it.”'

If you're thinking about how easy it is picturing Enes in a WWE setting, there's a good reason for it, Not only is his electric personality tailor-made for the stuff, but his passion exceeds the bounds of normalcy. The obsession that has grown since the day he introduced himself as The Undertaker at the University of Kentucky’s Big Blue Madness in 2010 has only intensified.

So while basketball will always remain #1 for Kanter, his playing days won't last forever. And if pro-wrestling happens to be on the table, don't expect him to take too long in making the choice.