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ESPN Trolls The New York Knicks On Draft Day

ESPN Trolls The New York Knicks On Draft Day

Albeit they had big hopes ahead of the NBA offseason, the New York Knicks were unable to get the right to select the 2019 NBA Draft first overall pick, seemingly falling apart in their intentions to build a strong team this summer counting with the likes of Zion Williamson and Anthony Davis, per reports, but none of that could happen.

The New Orleans Pelicans won the draft lottery and selected Williamson on the draft night while the Lakers pulled off a blockbuster deal and landed AD last weekend. With all that in mind, the New Yorkers not only needed one draft pick, but at least five of them, gaining the jokes and laughs of fans and experts, but on Thursday night, before their first selection in the draft, the Knicks suffered a major trolling by ESPN.

They ended up selecting Duke product RJ Barrett, but before the NBA commissioner Adam Silver made the official announcement, the worldwide leader in sports put a graphic describing what the Knickerbockers needed, but instead of a single position, they went further, just saying “everything (starters and bench)”.

Jokes aside, it looks like that is indeed what the team needs at this moment seeing how their plans of landing Zion, AD, Kevin Durant, and even Kyrie Irving and are seemingly gone, leaving them in big urgency. The front office will have to make a great job if they want to be contenders next season.