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Fans React When Kuzma Puts His Hands On Supermodel Winnie Harlow

Credit: IG/winnieharlow

Credit: IG/winnieharlow

Kyle Kuzma has taken advantage of the NBA hiatus, having fun with his girlfriend Winnie Harlow. In the past couple of months, the pair were linked with each other and now things are official. Harlow has spent a lot of time at Kuz's house and they look closer and closer every day.

In recent hours, we saw a pic of Kuz sort of hugging Harlow but his hands were at specific spots. Of course, the Los Angeles Lakers forward doesn't have a problem having his hands at those places, but some fans were quick to ask why he was doing that.

Well, according to the picture, his supermodel girlfriend doesn't have any problems with his boy grabbing her like that. It's good to see Kuzma is having fun before the return of the NBA next July 30, but some fans don't feel the same about the picture.

Kuz is getting ready to travel to Orlando with the Lakers to try to win the NBA championship this campaign. A lot has been said about the return of the league and all the social injustices happening around the US but also about the risk of players getting infected of COVID-19 at the bubble location, which would lead the league to cancel the season definitely.

We still have to wait and see what is going to happen. In the meantime, Kuzma keeps having fun with his girl. Seeing that pic, Kuzma looks anything but upset with the NBA suspension.