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Fantasy Basketball: Top 10 Biggest NBA Sleepers This Season

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The NBA regular season is just around the corner so, obviously that means fantasy basketball is also right upon us, so get your friends together and start setting your leagues to see who’s the best GM.

Fantasy basketball is tricky as hell, as you’ve got to know which players to avoid and which player to pursue in those late Draft rounds when all obvious choices are far gone and you’re stuck with rookies or role players.

That’s why today, we’re going to give you a hand and hook you up with our top 10 picks for fantasy sleepers for the 2018-19 NBA season.

10. Kris Dunn

Kris Dunn bulls nba

Kris Dunn is coming off a solid season where he established himself as the Chicago Bulls’ starting point guard, even regardless of the fact that his jump shot isn’t falling quite yet. Still, he’s a no-brainer pick when it comes to boards, steals and dimes.

Dunn may not score many points considering how stacked the Bulls are with young scorers, and even though percentages may not be what you’d expect out of a point guard, he’s a player that has improved on a yearly basis, so he could easily outplay his projected rank.

9. Luka Doncic


If you haven’t seen Luka Doncic play, perhaps you think he’s overrated, but he’s not. Doncic is the real deal and, despite his age and the fact that he’s a rookie, he’s already a proven and vastly experienced player.

Doncic can do a little bit of everything, especially for fantasy purposes. He may not be much of a defender, but could still rack up a steal or two. Even so, he’s going to be a reliable source of points, boards, dimes and three-pointers, with averages of the likes of 15-5-6 on a nightly basis.

8. De'Aaron Fox


Fox had a solid last season, averaging 11.6 points, with 2.8 rebounds, 4.4 assists and 1.0 steal per game. This season, coach Dave Joerger wants his team to run more and plans to give De'Aaron Fox more freedom to lead the offense.

Against the Lakers, Fox played only 17 minutes, but he led the Kings to score 66 points at the end of halftime. That was really amazing. I expected that he will average above 18 points and 5 assists this season.

7. Mo Bamba

Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

Even if Mo Bamba doesn’t start the season as the Magic’s big man, he’s a lock to eventually step into the starting lineup, whether if Orlando trades away Nikola Vucevic (which is very likely) or not.

Bamba has shown his improved jump shot in the preseason by proving he’s got the range to hit from three-point territory, and we all know he’s got the upside to be a walking double-double with over 2 blocks a night.

6. Kevin Knox

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

With the Knicks already planning ahead for the 2019 offseason, and especially with Kristaps Porzingis set to miss most (or the entire) season, Kevin Knox is set to have a lot of shots and minutes.

Knox has the potential to become something of the like of a stronger version of Paul George, and even though there are going to be some off nights, he’s a lock to have nice scoring and rebounding averages with the occasional three-pointer and block.

5. John Collins

John Collins

Throughout the past season, John Collins mightily struggled to stay out of foul trouble, and even though, posted very nice stat lines, at least fantasy-wise; mostly because of his high percentage scoring.

Collins is a reliable source of rebounds, points, and even blocks, so now that he’s entering his second year and may finally learn how to keep his body in control, he’s definitely going to outplay his average rank.

4. Dennis Schroder

dennis-schroder-2 okc

Dennis Schroder has a lot to prove this season now that he’s been traded away from the Hawks and will go back to being a backup point guard, even though he may eventually shift to the starting unit while Westbrook plays at the 2.

Either way, Schroder has the potential to be this year’s 6th Man of the Year. He’s a nice scorer, a willing facilitator and great playmaker, and even a deadly defender in passing lanes. He can easily give you 15-5-5 a night.

3. Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas Denver Nuggets

Isaiah Thomas is yet another guy that has the potential to vastly outplay his ranking, as people don’t have much faith in him coming off an injury and inconsistency riddled season, especially now that he’s back to the bench.

Even if he’s not playing with the starters, Thomas will have enough playing time and shots to prove his worth once again, and with that kind of support cast, I’d expect him to go off for 18 points and 6 dimes a night.

2. Julius Randle

Credit: Clutch Points

Credit: Clutch Points

We all saw what Alvin Gentry’s system was capable of doing with a dominant combo of big men, so even though Randle is no DeMarcus Cousins, he’s in for a career year playing next to Anthony Davis.

Randle is a hustler and a walking double-double, while his handles, playmaking and even mid-range shooting have vastly improved lately. Don’t sleep on him, he can give you 20-10-2 with an occasional block.

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