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Find Out Which NBA Alter Ego You Are


NBA Alter Ego's are pretty rare, but boy are they fun to come up with.

From The Black Mamba to Hoodie Melo, an NBA Alter Ego is when a player seemingly turns into a completely different player with the slightest change in their appearance, whether that be a jersey alteration or another accessory. For some reason, this slight change just brings out the best in a certain player, and later on becomes synonymous with them.

Now it's your turn to find out which NBA Alter Ego you are. Using the last digit of your phone number, select your Alter Ego below and let us know in the comments!

0-1: White Mamba Brian Scalabrine


2: Black Face Mask LeBron James


3-4: Untucked Jersey Kyrie Irving


5: The Black Mamba Kobe Bryant


6-7: Superman Dwight Howard


8: Pro-Am Jamal Crawford


9: Hoodie Melo