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First Look At Space Jam: A New Legacy Shows LeBron James And Bugs Bunny

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LeBron James is known for his prowess on the court, but also for his off-court endeavors. One of his pursuits off the court has been filming a sequel to the original Space Jam movie, featuring Michael Jordan. As Jordan was the best player of his era, it is only fitting that the best player of this era gets to star in the sequel.

There has recently been a small preview released for the next Space Jam movie. The preview features a prominent character in Bugs Bunny, and LeBron James himself. Bleacher Report posted some photos from the movie on Twitter.

This sneak peek at the new movie is welcome for fans to see. The original Space Jam is a legendary movie and widely considered to be one of the best basketball movies ever. It is good to see another rendition of the Looney Tunes teaming up with a star against a crisis. It would appeal to many audiences, and a lot of people would watch the movie for the fact that it is a LeBron James movie.

Hopefully, the new Space Jam is as good as the original. The sheer absurdity of the premise is what makes the movie entertaining. It could also bring many new fans to the game of basketball. Space Jam: A New Legacy is a movie that would be watched by a ton of kids: they could grow up to be future basketball players.