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Fitness Model Jen Selter Exposes Athletes Trying To Slide Into Her DMs: "Everyone Has A Wife Or Girlfriend…"

Fitness Model Jen Selter Exposes Athletes Trying To Slide Into Her DMs: "Everyone Has A Wife Or Girlfriend…"

Professional athletes, and especially NBA players, are known for being very active in trying to conquer women. Social media has provided a precious tool for athletes to shoot their shots without being at the same place that the ladies they try to approach. 

Sometimes this works, mainly because they are celebrities who can give money and status, but not every time. Some women are looking to get the bag using a pro athlete to accomplish their goal, while others aren't interested in that. 

This is how Scottie Pippen got called out by a model; Zion Williamson was 'exposed' trying to slide into an IG model, too, and more. It's not a surprise that players do this, but sometimes those married or in a relationship don't care about that. They shoot their shot regardless of the consequences. 

That's why fitness model Jen Selter indirectly exposed the athletes that try to slide into her DMs, claiming that every athlete that texts her is in a relationship. 

"Every athlete that slides into my dms has a wife or GF… smh, get outta here," the New York-based model tweeted on Monday. 

Imagine if she decided to share her DMs screenshots and completely expose all the people who tried to talk to her. That would create a big mess in the NBA and the rest of professional leagues in the US. 

We know this can be an issue, like when Ben Simmons tried to slide into his friend's girlfriend's DMs and was called out by Michael Blackson. 

Other times, players aim high, like Jordan Clarkson shooting his shot with Selena Gomez after dating Kendall Jenner. At the same time, not even players need to shoot their shot to be successful. For instance, LeBron James' agent Rich Paul is currently dating Adele, which is considered a big win for the Kluth Sports owner. 

Shooters will shoot. Sometimes you'll make it, sometimes you'll miss it, but make sure you don't hit on Jen Selter if you have a girlfriend. She's not having any of that and perhaps you'll get exposed on social media.