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Former Cavs Superstar Baron Davis Takes A Huge Shot At Kevin Durant

Former Cavs Superstar Baron Davis Takes A Huge Shot At Kevin Durant

Yeah, it was a tough moment for the Cavs Nation to watch how Kevin Durant blocked LeBron James (it was a clear foul), but way before that Kevin Durant had one situation where many Cleveland fans thought that he deserved a second technical foul.

Former Cavs All-Star player, Baron Davis takes a huge shot at Kevin Durant after Jose Calderon fouled him and Kevin Durant immediately went face-to-face with a small pushing with the ball.

After that play, Baron Davis takes a shot

Even though referee didn't eject Kevin Durant, I think that was a good call because it's better to watch Kevin Durant whole game against the Cavs on Christmas Day than to eject Kevin Durant after less than 10 minutes on the court.

Durant also said after the game that he felt that multiple Cavaliers players were trying to get him ejected.

Durant explained after the game that he was unconcerned, per Chris Haynes of ESPN:

"Man, I understand that's a part of the rules, but they didn't want me out the game. They didn't want to win that way. It meant nothing to me. Technically, they were trying to get me to get tossed. It wouldn't have felt the same if they would have gotten me tossed and they would have won that game. So, I moved past that. It wasn't serious."

This season, he has already been ejected from three games after he was ejected only once in the last 10 years.