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Former NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Confesses Rooting For Teammates To Fail

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Gilbert Arenas had a colorful career in the NBA, to say the least, as the former Washington Wizards player frequently found himself involved in plenty of controversies throughout his spell in the association. There was the infamous incident involving his guns in the Wizards locker room and that time when he threw a $1 million birthday party for himself.

But, Arenas keeps surprising and upsetting fans several years after he decided to retire from the game, making some headlines that will probably be remembered for many years. On his "The No Chill" podcast this week, we got to know something that Arenas used to do back in his days as an active player, in those times when he had to come off the bench.

Gilbert stated it "irritates the s-" out of him when he watches a game and sees bench players cheering for their teammates. Arenas admitted he secretly rooted for his own teammates to fail when he was sitting on the bench, just hoping the coach to make him play.

"I was angry as f- as a bench player," Arenas said. "Like, I'm not clapping for s- you did. I'm sorry ... F- that. I want your position. … I don't want you to do good."

He added he made sure to point out his teammates’ flaws whenever he had the chance.

"I was literally making sure the coach knew his flaws, like, 'C'mon, dude, get back on defense,'" Arenas said. "'Damn, man, he keeps getting beat.' Like, 'Tighten up, he keeps going left on you.'"

When discussing players who cheer on their teammates from the bench nowadays, he said:

"So to sit there and celebrate, and sit there and dance for them, I'm like, 'Ya'll don't want to get in?'"

These statements will surely be added to the large file of polemics in which Arenas has been involved. No wonder why he’s one of the most colorful and controversial players of his generation.