(Funny Video): How LeBron James Was In The Locker Room After Losing To The Suns In The First Round

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LeBron James lost in the first round of the playoffs for the first time in his career, which is the best thing that could ever happen to his haters.

One of LeBron's fans' bigger arguments in the GOAT conversation is that James had never lost in the first round, whereas Michael Jordan had been sent home early three times in his career. Now, that argument is dead in the water.

As it usually happens when things don't go LeBron's way, the internet was full of hilarious memes, reactions, and videos from the Lakers' loss.

One of the best came from YouTuber RDCworld1, who made an incredible parody of how angry and disappointed The King was with the rest of his team in the locker room during halftime:

In the video, you can see LeBron charging Kyle Kuzma and calling his teammates out for letting him down this season.

His teammates were asking him to step up and 'do his thing' and James just rants about losing to the Phoenix Suns.

James actually has a reputation for being a laid-back, motivating kind of teammate rather than one of those stars who call them out every now and then. If anything, he's always been more of the passive-aggressive type than a volatile or explosive guy.

Even so, this parody is hilarious and we think that pretty summed up what was going through LeBron James' mind during halftime. But hey, at least he'll have a long summer to get back to full strength and come back as sharp as ever.