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Gabrielle Union Told Ayesha And Steph Curry To Break Up And Have Sex With Other People

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Dwyane Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union joined Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha in an Instagram live, where they talked about several topics, even engaging in a cook-off challenge.

Wade and Curry talked about basketball-related stuff, including the infamous moment with Aaron Gordon in the 2020 slam dunk contest and who would win in a match between the Heat Big 3 and the Warriors Big 3.

Moreover, their wives were also involved in the conversation. At some point, things got a little more personal, with the two couples sharing details of their respective relationships. It all started in the 90s, with Wade saying his wife was a 'thot' back in the day.

Via Total Pro Sports:

Dwyane: “In 98, you was rollin. She was a thot in 98.”

Gabrielle agreed.

That’s when Union revealed how she told Steph and Ayesha to break up with each other so they could sleep around.

Gabrielle: “I was! Listen, I enjoyed my life. And that is the exact advice I gave to Ayesha and a young Steph at D. Rice’s 25th birthday party.”

Everybody laughs.

Ayesha: “It all comes out!”

Gabrielle: “I was like, ‘You guys, the likelihood of this working out is very low. You should just break up now and have sex with other people.’ I used different language but is that not what I told y’all both?”

Ayesha: You looked at me and said, ‘How old are you?…Okay…’

Gabrielle: Precisely because I was a thot.

Dwyane: I apologize on behalf of the Wade family. That’s not who we are anymore.

Gabrielle: Uh…I still might give the same advice.

We all were young and wild, including these four people. Fortunately, they found love and have great and loving families. They all are successful and their partners have been extremely helpful in their lives.