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Gilbert Arenas Drops A Bombshell, He Doesn’t Know Any NBA Players That Don’t Cheat

Gilbert Arenas Drops A Bombshell About NBA Players Cheating On Partners

Former NBA star, Gilbert Arenas is not afraid of creating a little bit of controversy about his peers and friends from the league.

Arenas was recently on Kristine Leahy’s “Fair Game,” where he was asked on his thoughts about the drama surrounding Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian. Not only was Gilbert happy to share his thoughts about the fallout from the affair, but he also went into detail about other NBA stars and that none of them are innocent.

Gilbert Arenas claims that he doesn’t know a single NBA player who doesn’t cheat on their partners. It’s a bold yet ridiculous statement, there’s just no realistic chance that ever NBA player he knows is holding back some dark secrets from their women.

This sure could spark a lot of questioning from these partners who’ll be very intrigued to see if his comments have any sense to them.