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High School Classmate Found A Pic Of Young Joy Taylor, Fans Are In Awe: "Oh My God You’ve Always Been This Hot?"

High School Classmate Found A Pic Of Young Joy Taylor, Fans Are In Awe: "Oh My God You’ve Always Been This Hot?"

NBA fans are often all about the game, they rarely ever pay attention to anything other than their favorite players and favorite teams. There are numerous agendas and biases to push throughout the season, and social media is littered with die-hard fans fighting with one another over which player is the best and which player would dominate in what era. 

In service of that, what analysts and TV personalities have to say about these same arguments also holds a lot of weight. And these personalities have their own sets of fans who agree with their takes or their logic. And one of the most beloved figures in terms of basketball media is Joy Taylor. Not only do fans appreciate Taylor's takes and her crisp commentary on sports, but it also doesn't hurt that she is quite beautiful as well. 

So it's no surprise that a picture of Taylor, shared by what seems to be a high school classmate has gone viral on Twitter. She retweeted the photo, and as they have time and again in the past, fans flooded the tweet with comments about her beauty. 

Taylor attended Woodland Hills High School in Pennsylvania, explaining her caption on the tweet but the fans were focused on showering her with compliments instead. 

"Homegirl be killing it too. I love that Colin Cowherd gives her space to share her opinion & perspectives. She’s not just a pretty face to lead to commercials."

"Joy you different!"

"Joy to the World!"

"You've always been so pretty!"

"Damn, Joy been fine her whole life!"

"Oh my god you’ve always been this hot?!!! deeply unfair ma’am where was your awkward age."

"Continue to be bold, well travelled & smiling."

"Joy definitely had prom proposals from everyone."

"Joy you were such a beautiful girl in High School and then you blossomed into the beautiful woman you are today inside n out."

Taylor hosts her show on Fox Sports and is also known for co-hosting The Herd alongside Colin Cowherd. While her beauty is often complimented, her excellent hosting skills are a large part of what has made Joy Taylor such a staple among fans of the sport everywhere. She remains an excellent example to people of what they can accomplish if they strive to be the best at what they do.