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History In The Making: Carmelo Anthony Is About To Do Something Spectacular


Anybody who says the NBA is easy obviously doesn't know the game of basketball. No matter how well things are going for a particular player or team, there are always limiting factors. Be it by injury, bad luck, or bad play, there will always be obstacles to face.

That's why what Carmelo Anthony is about to accomplish is such a big deal. Tonight, he's on course to set an amazing record, that only one other NBA player has done in NBA History. Tonight, against the Grizzlies, Carmelo Anthony will officially join Patrick Ewing as the only two players to start the first 1,000 games of their careers. Considering how often unfortunate circumstances happen in the NBA, and life in general, it's almost unbelievable to think that Anthony has started every game he's ever played since 2003.

Fun Fact: When Carmelo Anthony starts tonight's game against Memphis, he will join Patrick Ewing as the only NBA players to start the first 1000 games of their career. from nba

Still, it's not the superstar's first taste of success. Over his tenure, Melo has played for three different teams over the span of two different decades. At 33 years old, the 6'8" forward has career averages of 24.6 points per game, 6.6 rebounds, and 3.1 assists on 45% shooting. Those numbers, combined with 10x All-Star appearances, 6 All-NBA team selections, and the 2012-13 scoring title, all make it pretty safe to say that Carmelo Anthony has had an accomplished career.

And today, as he joins Ewing, it's just another milestone has can add to his already gleaming resume.