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History Proves That The Golden State Warriors May Be The Luckiest Team of All-Time


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past five years, you'll know the NBA dynasty that is the Golden State Warriors. After building a talented team of talented shooters (two of whom are the best in the world, in fact) and winning a Championship then, they went ahead and added Kevin Durant... ensuring it'd be almost impossible for anyone to catch up. Going 2-1 in their last three Finals appearances, they've certainly got plenty to show for all their hard work.

And while nobody is denying the work and dedication they put into their Championships, the sheer scale of good fortune they've had while acquiring those Championships should also be noted.

As pointed out on Colin Cowherd's The Herd, the Warriors have faced a number of teams without their biggest stars throughout the years, and the same holds true for this season as well. In short, the Warriors have received an awful lot of lucky breaks.

2015 Championship Run


In 2015, (the Warriors' first Championship win), they were fortunate enough to play in the Finals against a Cavs team with no Kevin Love, and a Kyrie Irving who could only play in one game the entire series. They'd go on to win in six games, but it's hard to make the case that the Cavs really had a chance after losing 2 of their 3 best players.

2017 Championship Run


Last year, one of the Dubs' biggest potential challengers were the San Antonio Spurs, who were dominating the West in a pretty convincing way at the time. So when the two teams met in the 2017 Western Conference Finals last spring, it was supposed to be a series in which both teams got challenged. Sadly, however, Kawhi ended up getting hurt in Game 1, with the Spurs leading by 23. Evidently, the Warriors would go on to win that game and the series, as San Antonio was ill-equipped to deal with things without their leader.

2018 Championship Run


This year's run is far from over, but things are certainly looking good once again for the Warriors. This year, Chris Paul went down in Game 5 of the West Finals, meaning he couldn't play in Saturday night's Game 6 (which the Rockets lost), and might be compromised h=if he decides to play Game 7. Additionally, if the Celtics make the Finals and the Warriors move on, they'll be playing a Boston team missing both Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving.


Perhaps Colin Cowherd said it best... the Warriors sixth man is a voodoo doll.