IG Model Under Fire For Trying To Reconnect With Tyler Herro After He Became A Famous NBA Player

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IG Model Under Fire For Trying To Reconnect With Tyler Herro After He Became Famous NBA Player

Tyler Herro is a man in demand recently. The 20-year-old Miami Heat player has made a good impression this season, becoming one of the most promising players in the league after playing a big role in the Heat's marvelous campaign. Tyler is one of the reasons the Heat are now fighting to win the 2020 NBA championship against the Miami Heat, drawing more and more attention every day.

The young star has turned some heads to him in recent times, including women, who don't seem to care a lot about Herro having a girlfriend on Katya Elise Henry. The NBA community recently went off on an Instagram model who tried to reach out to Herro several months after she basically ghosted the player.

Trying to do the new "How It Started/How It Ended" challenge, Marissa Daniela shared a couple of screenshots of Herro making a move on her via DM. The next picture shows she stopped replying in January 2020, but she contacted the player once again on September 23, the day he dropped 37 on the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. Fans noticed this and instantly started attacking the girl, who big Herro became and tried to make a comeback but none of that happened. Instead, she got a huge backlash for his behavior.

She had to clarify she was 'joking' when she sent that text, but that's nothing NBA fans haven't seen before.

Herro is happy with Katya Elise Henry, although another IG model recently claimed he tried to slide into her DMs.

As for Marissa, it looks like he missed a big chance to be with one of the most exciting young NBA players.