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Iggy Azalea Denies Claims That She's Having An Affair With Tristan Thompson

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Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has fired back at rumors suggesting she's having an affair with Sacramento Kings big man Tristan Thompson. TT has been involved in this type of controversy before. That is why these unconfirmed rumors made some noise around the league recently. 

After blogger/YouTuber Tasha K made a big claim regarding Thompson and the Australian rapper, the latter came out to defend herself against those baseless remarks that only tried to create controversy. 

"Does (Khloe) know that Tristan and Miss Iggy are f******?" Tasha said, via TMZ Sports

Iggy replied to that on Twitter, calling out everybody trying to bring her down and create this narrative with a man she's never met before. 

"Very weird fake news making the rounds about me dating a man I've literally never met a DAY in my life…. Like…. Y'all are really that bored?!?!"

The 31-year-old didn't stop there, doubling down on these comments, making it clear she hasn't had any contact with Tristan whatsoever. 

"Literally have never even been in the same building as that man. I DO NOT KNOW THAT PERSON"

Tristan did the same earlier, calling out gossipers for trying to destroy people's lives just to generate clicks. 

Hopefully, this situation won't get anywhere after the two accused denied these claims. Besides, there are no pictures or videos that demonstrate they were in the same place at the same time. 

Iggy knows very well how NBA players are. She was engaged with Nick Young until they split, thanks to the controversial video of Young admitting he cheated on the rapper a couple of years ago. 

Tristan has been known for being a dog, and he's cheated on Khloé Kardashian before. That fact helped Tasha K draw some attention to her claims, but this won't be an important story in a couple of days.