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Illuminati Confirmed: Lakers Big Three And Cavs Big Three Have Same Numbers

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Cavs lost LeBron this past summer and are now moving on and trying to rebuild this season. They are currently tanking in order to get a high pick in next year’s draft. Given how bad they are right now it’s very likely they’ll get a top 4 pick. They have pretty much shut down Kevin Love for the season and are trying to determine who they should keep going forward and who they should move.

Cleveland fans shouldn’t be scared of the future though. The Cavs weren’t going anywhere if LeBron had stayed given the team’s contract situation. They would have maybe made the Finals but would have got swept by whoever they came up against. In the long-run, this is good for the Cavs.

One thing that is spooky about LeBron’s time in Cleveland and his new team in LA is the similarities in the numbers that his other 2 star players have. When in Cleveland LeBron wore the number 23 whilst Irving wore the number 2 and Kevin Love wore 0. Now in LA Lonzo Ball wears number 2 and Kyle Kuzma wears number 0.

This is just a coincidence but a spooky one at that. What makes it even more interesting is that Kyrie Irving was the point guard for Cleveland, Lonzo is the point guard for the Lakers. Kyrie Irving was traded from the Cavs, and Lonzo Ball could be traded from the Lakers.

We talk a lot about “the basketball Gods”, these divine entities that control basketball and sometimes they don’t even pretend that they don’t exist with things like this. If Lonzo wants to break this streak of coincidences then he needs to sort out his shooting because there’s no way LA will keep him if he continues to shoot extremely poorly from the outside.