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In 1996, Dennis Rodman Showed How Women Chased NBA Players

In 1996, Dennis Rodman Showed How Women Chased NBA Players

We all know Dennis Rodman's reputation. That man dated some of the most beautiful women in the world when he was at his peak in the NBA. Back in 1996, during his first season with the Chicago Bulls, Dennis tried to demonstrate how women chased NBA players at nightclubs.

NBC followed Rodman to the Shelter Nightclub in Chicago and they witnessed how several women approached the player and tried to make a move on him. Women went straight to tell him how much they loved him, how hot he was and some even asked him out.

Some fans did whatever it took to get close to Dennis, even getting past security at the arenas to talk to the power forward. He said it was too easy for NBA players to get laid since women felt a huge attraction to them.

He's had a crazy life and this is the biggest representation of Rodman's antics off the court. During the airing of 'The Last Dance', we got to see some of the crazy stuff he did during his time with the Chicago Bulls. This is the confirmation of that. Dennis could go wherever he wanted and everybody, not only women, was going to worship him. That was his clout.