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Incredible Art: Painted King James While Dribbling

Incredible Art: Painted King James While Dribbling

If you’re going to watch a video online today, then we certainly recommend watching this video of a street artist’s incredible portrait of LeBron James.

In a video released by (@bou_bou_design), the man is dribbling a basketball covered with paint on a blank canvas. Although it doesn’t look like much at first, as the video continues, you start to see that he’s creating an incredible picture of LeBron.

There are no shortages of LeBron James art but this piece is truly remarkable and definitely stands out from other LeBron pieces.

The Lakers superstar may be missing out on the playoffs this season but his reputation as one of the best players of all time will not be affected and we expect to see him return in full flight next season.

For more art and designs like this, check out @bou_bou_design on Instagram.