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Influencer Tayshia Adams Reveals One Lakers Player Sent Her A Message: 'I Wish It Was LeBron James'

Instagram Model Tayshia Adams Reveals One Laker Player Sent Her A Message: 'I Wish It Was LeBron James'

Bachelorette Tayshia Adams has made a big confession regarding one Lakers player. During a recent interview, The Bachelor contestant was asked about her personal life and the people that have tried to slide into her DMs. Adams recently joined "Click Bait with Bachelor Nation” and “Bachelor Happy Hour," where she discussed a variety of topics, including the men trying to get her attention on social media.

When she was asked about the most famous person that tried to conquer her, she revealed one Lakers player had actually tried to do so, but it wasn't nobody 'exciting.' Host Rachel Lindsay dropped a couple of names trying to guess the person in question, apparently missing the first two.

“I’m not going to say the name, but I’ve talked to a Laker,” she admitted. “Is it Kuz?” asked Lindsay, remembering that Kyle Kuzma “likes to pop in Bachelor girls’ DMs.”

“Maybe. Maybe not.” “And actually I’ve talked to… No, I’m not going to mention it.” “No, I wish,” the Bachelorette star replied.

“I wish it was LeBron James.” “I wish someone really good,” Adams continued, “but no, nobody exciting.” “That is just as great,” she said.

Then, Lindsay dropped another name, Anthony Davis, and the facial reaction from Adams said a lot more than words could do.

“Oh my god! You better work that unibrow!” Lindsay said.

“I died,” Adams replied. “I literally died. No, my little brother would die, too. No, nobody exciting. The tea is dry, or it’s cold. I’m so sorry. I wish I had something good.”

Seeing the reaction from Adams, it's fair to say AD tried to slide into her DMs. It's unclear when did that happen, especially knowing that Davis has a girlfriend right now. Still, NBA players are known for being dogs and it wouldn't be a shock if Davis actually tried to pull off this move.

Adams is a beautiful girl and obviously, plenty of men would try to get her attention. NBA players, especially.