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Instagram Model Caught Trying To Expose PJ Dozier With Fake DM

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

It's been wild times for everybody in America, including Instagram models, who have gotten more and more attention in recent weeks for exposing NBA players, telling old stories about prior hookups, or just scoring and falling in love with an NBA pro. It looks like everything goes right for these models; they always win while players get exposed and lose a big part of their lives.

Well, that's not the case anymore since one IG model was caught trying to expose a professional player with a fake DM. PJ Dozier is getting a lot of exposure in recent days since his Nuggets are playing the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, but Dozier is making more headlines off rather than on the court. In recent hours, one model accused him of hitting her up instead of focusing on his free throws.

IG model Violet Ramos shared a screenshot on Twitter when you could see Dozier telling her 'can't wait to see u,' which she used in her favor trying to expose the player.


Little did she know that one fan contacted the player to confirm if he really was hitting this girl up and that's when Dozier replied, shutting down those claims for good. The screenshot Ramos shared was actually of her telling the player he was supporting the team and she couldn't wait to see Dozier once he left the bubble.


After that, Ramos deleted the tweet and now both her IG and Twitter profiles are private. She wanted to take advantage of Dozier and ended up getting a big L.

Meanwhile, PJ will try to win the third game of the series against the Lakers tonight; otherwise, the Nuggets would go 3-0 down, a deficit that nobody has been able to overcome.