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Internet Goes Wild After LeBron, Cavs, Lose Game 3


The internet is truly a marvelous place. Even in the midst of a few scrappy first round playoff games, the world wide web seems to always give us a dose of laughs. Tonight was no exception.

For those that don't know, LeBron and the Cavs arrived in a very interesting fashion for their game tonight. LBJ bought the team matching suits, to which they all wore in their arrival at Indy... perhaps in celebration of their first road playoff game.

In any case, the Cavs ended up blowing the game in a pretty monumental way, wasting a 17 point lead to the Pacers and ultimately going down 2-1 in the series. Looks like their statement arrival came a little too soon?

In lieu of the whole situation, people took it upon themselves to have a little fun with the whole suit thing... and it did not disappoint.

Once again, Twitter has proven to be quite an awesome source of entertainment.