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Internet Is Shocked After Playback Of All-Star Game Appears To Show Paul George's Jersey Number Change MidGame


The All-Star break is officially over, as the NBA resumes its regularly scheduled programming tonight. As usual, the break was a much needed time of rest and regrouping for teams, and a time for us fans to soak in all the fun of the All-Star weekend events.

But amongst the highlight reels is one clip that has been turning the minds of thousands today.

The video is a clip of the All-Star game this past Sunday, which features Paul George going up for an insane one-handed, 360 slam. The dunk itself isn't anything unusual, other than it just being super hard to do. What has people really talking is what appears to happen after.

If you continue to follow George after the play, you can see the number on the back of his jersey reads 14, instead of the 13 it displayed just seconds earlier.

Here's the clip...

Of course, the internet is flooded with responses. Some say this might have something to do with the NBA's newest "digital" jersey designs, the one Adam Silver showcased earlier this month. Others say it's some sort of glitch in the "matrix." The likely answer, as is usually the case with these things, is an optical illusion. It's not what it seems. The lighting and angle of the jersey provide just the perfect conditions for a trick on the eyes. Slowed down, you can see this exposed a little bit better.

So, before you go off to claim that we are all living in a simulation, take a good, long look. PG13 is still wearing number 13.

But hey, maybe that's what they want us to think.