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J.R. Smith (Finally) Says Goodbye To LeBron


J.R. Smith's infamous Game 1 blunder in this summer's NBA Finals is likey a play he wants to forget. For everyone else, it's a play we can never forget.

What made it so meme-worthy was the fact that it is exactly what you'd expect from Smith, someone who has routinely made bone-headed errors in the past.

In any case, nobody can say for certain what kind of role J.R. will have with LeBron James gone, or how that terrible play will impact next season. For now, we at least know that he realizes LeBron is gone... more than we could say a day ago.

He took to Instagram a few hours ago, where he posted a quick thank-you to the guy who helped him win a title:

It's only been 21 days... but hey, better late than never I guess.