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James Harden Gifted Lil Baby A Prada Bag, Honey Buns, $100K Cash And A Richard Mille Watch For His Birthday

(via Hip-Hop Lately)

(via Hip-Hop Lately)

When you're worth over $165 million, you can afford to buy some expensive gifts -- and Rockets star James Harden seems to be fully aware of that fact.

The NBA superstar went viral online yesterday for his birthday gift to his friend, Lil Baby, which included a Prada bag, honey buns, $100K in cash, and a Richard Mille watch.

On Twitter, fans had some pretty strong reactions, as they were reminded of just how wealthy professionals athletes are these days.

Harden, 31, is one of the NBA's best players and the face of the Houston Rockets. In July of 2017, he agreed to a 4 year/$171 million extension of his contract, which also made him one of the league's highest-paid players.

With his basketball future in doubt, nobody knows where he'll be playing next season bit, regardless of what happens, he's got a level of financial security most will never dream of, and he's clearly not afraid to show it. Nobody will take that away from him now.