James Harden Responds After Saweetie Cashapp Rumors: "I'm Tired Of People Creating These False A** Stories... Leave Me Out Of All The Weird Sh**."

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Sometimes, some people make up various falsehoods about an athlete's life to draw attention to what they're doing. People often gravitate to content that features a famous person, even if the content is inaccurate.

Recently, James Harden was part of some rumors that involved him and Saweetie, an American rapper. The rumors stated that James Harden used Cashapp to send Saweetie $100K to go on a date with him. Rapper 50 Cent notably commented on the rumors.

The rumors spread over social media like wildfire. However, James Harden has denied the Saweetie rumors via Instagram, while blasting that people created false rumors about him. He also told people to leave his name out of it in the future. Harden's frustration is understandable considering the rumor sounds absolutely ridiculous.

Hopefully, Harden's statement will end these rumors for good. It is far too often that we see misleading or straight-up false information online, and it seems as though James Harden is simply sick of people creating false stories about him.