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James Harden Spotted With Model Jordyn Woods At Nightclub

Credit: TMZ Sports

Credit: TMZ Sports

This summer has been really fun for James Harden, who is set to enter a very promising NBA season in which he’ll be reunited with former teammate Russell Westbrook trying to finally win a title for the Rockets.

If that wasn’t good enough, the point guard has been having some fun moments off the court, as he was recently spotted hanging out with a model at a Houston area nightclub. The model in question was Jordyn Woods, the girl who allegedly kissed Tristan Thompson and caused the Cavaliers star to break up with then-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian.

It looks like Woods really likes to mess with the Kardashian family, as James Harden is an ex-boyfriend of Khloe, too. It was TMZ who released the info about the pair hanging out and dancing at the nightclub.

“We’re told Jordyn and James were partying together at Belle Station, and were cozying up in the same booth. At one point, Jordyn stood up and danced in front of him while taking a hookah hit.

“We’re told the 2 have hung out in the past — pre-Khloe’s split with Tristan — and Jordyn allegedly told friends Khloe was cool with it … our sources say Khloe never even knew about it. What’s unclear is if Jordyn and James have taken it a step further."

If Woods never mentioned anything about this, things are going to get a little harder for them given his record with the reality TV family. Yet, this was probably something of just one night and both Harden and Woods are going to continue with their lives as nothing happened. Or not.