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Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets Of The NBA Finals

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Some know this more than others, but the internet can be harsh sometimes. In the case of NBA athletes, fans are often unrelenting in their Twitter rants. For one reason or another, people can be pretty mean when they can hide behind their cell phone screen.

In Jimmy Kimmel's traditional "Mean Tweets," we see some of the worst (and funniest) trash talk on the interwebs in a very different way. Some of our favorite stars, KD, Paul George, Chris Bosh, and more, are told to read some of these mean tweets out loud so we can respond and laugh together.

Here is the segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Which was your favorite, Chris Bosh sounding like a white guy named Dennis, the insanely profane rant to Kevin Durant, the Charles Barkley fat shaming? These are just golden.

Reality is, though, that tweets like these do not get lost in the vastness of Twitter, they usually start some sort of debate with another fan or even another player (we're looking at you, KD). NBA athletes are becoming increasingly willing to fight back with these internet trolls.

Here, though, the show puts a comedic spin on it all -- and it makes for a welcome change.