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JJ Redick Shotguns A Bud Light Unbelievably Fast

Credit: TW/jj_redick

Credit: TW/jj_redick

Every NBA player is trying to get the most advantage of the bubble and the experience they're having seems pretty cool. Several players complained about the food and other stuff when they arrived, but the overall experience looks very good.

We saw players like Boban Marjanovich and Tobias Harris hanging out while social distancing, we saw Ben Simmons fishing and now JJ Redick was doing something that you would see in a frat house, not in the day-to-day NBA. The New Orleans Pelicans point guard is trying to have fun at the bubble, just like everyone else, but he took things to another level.

Redick appears in one video showing his talents with beers, shotgunning a Bud Light after practicing.

"Sorry meant to post this earlier. Multitasking post practice. @budlight @NBABubbleLife," he wrote on Twitter.

Redick has never missed the playoffs in his career and he still has a chance to keep that streak alive. The Pelicans have a very good team full of young players and experienced veterans, like Redick. They are 3.5 games away from the Memphis Grizzlies, the 8th ranked team in the West at this moment.

JJ will try to take his team to the big stage alongside the likes of Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, and Lonzo Ball. While that moment arrives, he remains busy, training and shotgunning beers whenever he has the chance.