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Joel Embiid And Hassan Whiteside Duke It Out In Hilarious Twitter War

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

We've all seen just how skilled Joel Embiid's Twitter fingers are, and it's no surprise, given the amount of time he's had off the court to practice. Some may even say Embiid's Twitter game is better than his basketball game, and that's saying something.

The Process has ruined many a hater's day, coming back with some of the most hilarious insults we've seen from an athlete.

The rest of the NBA's big men should be afraid after tonight, however, as Embiid has come after Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside after their preseason game last night.

As you can see, Joel was even trolling during the game, telling the Heat bench to sub Whiteside out after his third foul in the first three minutes of the game.

Fans took notice of this, and even if most of them enjoyed Joel's banter, some of them came to Hassan's defense, as Embiid shot 1-7 in the game against Hassan.


The Process got wind of Hassan's reply, and had to set the record straight.


'#Softy', ouch. Whiteside, being the man that he is, responded the only way he knew how. Bringing up Embiid's lack of game experience.


Joel hit back with the good old 'You care too much about your stats' argument.


Whiteside went silent after that response, but Embiid wasn't done, even throwing some shade at Kevin Durant, because why not.


Embiid's trolling wasn't just limited to Twitter either. The center posted a picture from the game up on Instagram commending the win, adding in a subtle jab at Whiteside, just peep the location.


I wouldn't be surprised if Embiid gets fined for his online antics eventually, but I'm praying to god he doesn't. Never stop Joel.