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Joel Embiid Throws Shade At LeBron James Before Free Agency Starts


Even though it isn't technically his fight, Joel Embiid isn't afraid to throw a few subtle insults around when it comes to free agency.

With the Embiid's Philadelphia 76ers in the hunt to sign LeBron James this summer, they're facing stiff competition from the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers to sign the King.

With Joel's Twitter game one of his biggest assets, Embiid took to Twitter to try and somehow convince LeBron to come to Philadelphia, by indirectly comparing him to Laker greats Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant, saying the Lakers will always be their team.

Whether this was a warning to LeBron telling him not to sign with Los Angeles and risk his legacy or not, we'll never know, but there's no doubting that this was a veiled shot at James. I mean, why else would Embiid be saying the Lakers will always be Kobe and Magic's team at the start of the free agency period, with LeBron being heavily rumored to sign with them? There is no other explanation.