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JR Smith And The List Of His Celebrity (Ex) Girlfriends

JR Smith And The List Of His Celebrity (Ex) Girlfriends

JR Smith is currently a free agent, but he’s still a player off the court. The guard is trying to make a return to the league without any luck and it’s uncertain when his status is going to change. He was linked with a move to the Los Angeles Lakers, but that never came to fruition.

In the meantime, Smith is still making the headlines for his off-court antics. Now, it’s time to take a look at the good things he’s done, how he’s managed to conquer some of the hottest women in showbiz.

Today, we’re going to see 8 famous celebrity women who JR Smith hooked up with. He has a great lineup filled with gorgeous women.


Back in 2012, when he was still part of the New York Knicks, JR Smith was spotted with R&B singer Rihanna at a nightclub. The pair were reportedly seen holding hands throughout the night and acting like a complete couple. They went together to clubs in Miami and New York but their relationship faded quickly.


Beyonce’s sister Solange was also one of JR’s partners. They were together for about two months, starting in January and breaking up in March. During the time they spent together, JR was always trying to make his significant one comfy, spoiling her always he had the chance. Sadly, the relationship ended too soon.

Candice Patton

During Smith’s separation from his wife, he was involved in a little affair with actress Candice Patton. JR was even spotted walking Patton’s dog at some point, showing that everything was good between them. However, things ended up quickly as the player attempted to make things up with his wife, finishing his romance with Patton.

K. Michelle

The same year Smith was spotted with Rihanna, he was also linked with K. Michelle and they actually dated for some time. After everything was finished, Michelle revealed that everything started perfectly for them, but time ruined everything, which led to the couple to split. She claimed Smith couldn’t stop sharing details about his life and that was something she couldn’t stand.

Britanie Girard

This tattoo artist is reportedly responsible for all the ink Smith has on his body. While still playing for the Nuggets, he met Britanie Girard, a tattoo artist who many believe influenced him to get all the pieces he has on his skin now. Smith even helped him financially but the guard moved on quickly.

Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman is Victoria’s Secret model who dated Smith right after he broke up with Girard. Smith even helped him with his modeling career. They met at a party and things started really cool. From that point on, things got complicated, as JR moved on as soon as he got what he was looking for.

Tahiry Jose

Smith once again with an actress. The guard met Tahiry Jose and things looked great between them. However, they couldn’t last and opted to have a friendship instead of a relationship. Still, Smith got what he wanted before changing things with Jose.

Jewel Smith

This was the woman that finally settled Smith. After on and off relationships they finally took things seriously and got married in 2016. Even though they separated in 2019, Jewel and JR have maintained a good relationship, especially knowing they have three daughters together. It looked like Jewel was the one to keep JR straight, but that didn’t last too long.