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Julis Randle Posts Hilarious Video Of His Son Learning How To Hoop



Most caring fathers want their sons to learn the fundamentals of a sport at a young age, especially when it comes to sons of athletes.

New York Knicks' forward Julius Randle isn't the exception to that rule, as the University of Kentucky product recently enrolled his baby son into a basketball team to try and make him follow his steps when he reaches the age, should he choose to do so.

However, it seems like Randle Jr is going to have to sit down and learn about the game rules before even thinking about making it to the NBA, as he just posted a hilarious video of his kid shoving a teammate to the ground because he didn't pass him the ball:

Well, it seems like Julius Randle's son got his strength and athleticism, you can definitely tell there's a resemblance there, as once Julius takes off, there aren't many players on earth that could contain him going at them at full steam.

All jokes aside, it's incredible to watch those young ballers walking their first steps in this beautiful game and having a supportive environment by their side to help them thrive at the highest level if they decide to pursue a career in basketball like their old men.

As for Randle, even though he hasn't had the successful career we all thought he'd have out of UK, he's still managed to become a somewhat reliable scorer and rebounder that could make any contending team better with his never-ending stamina and hustle on both ends of the glass.

Hopefully, that'll be the case for him next season, as it seems like the New York Knicks will try and move him in a trade as soon as the offseason hits to clear some cap space to make a run at another star.