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Kawhi Leonard's Hands Are Freakishly Huge


What makes one of the newest Toronto Raptors' Kawhi Leonard such a great defender isn't just his commitment and effort to that side of the ball, even though that does play a major role, but the physical tools he possesses.

Standing at 6'7 and 230lbs, Kawhi is almost the perfect size to defend any perimetre player at the highest level, including Kevin Durant and LeBron James.

But Leonard's greatest assets may be his massive hands.

Kawhi's huge mitts allow him to pester ball handlers and jump passing lanes with ease. I mean, just look at this comparison pic posted by the Raptors' Twitter account.

That's almost alien-like. No human's hands should be that big. I can't even tell if that's a kid's hand on an adult's hand for comparison.

If it's an adult's hand, lord have mercy.