Kawhi Leonard's Incredible Performance As The Hidden Terminator In ESPN Spot With Arnold Schwarzenegger

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kawhi terminator

Whenever you talk about Kawhi Leonard, you know it's a good story. This man is unintentionally funny, and that has earned him plenty of fans around the league. 

The Klaw's personality is very different from most NBA superstars, which makes him unique for several fans. He has taken advantage of that and all the nicknames he's received in recent years. In 2019, he participated in an ESPN spot for a Terminator movie, which was the perfect opportunity for Kawhi. 

As you may or may not know, the Los Angeles Clippers' star is often called 'cyborg' for his apparent lack of emotions. Well, that was great for this role, and Kawhi really nailed it. In this sequence, he ran into Arnold Schwarzenegger at a gym, and the actor called him 'Terminator,' starting a hilarious exchange. Then Paul George and Linda Hamilton made an appearance, also teasing Leonard with the Terminator nickname. 

They all laugh, and everyone continues with their day, with Kawhi revealing his true self. 

Watch the whole video: 

That laugh at the end is arguably the best part of the video. That's the one that went viral when Kawhi was with the Toronto Raptors. This video is hilarious, and Kawhi's acting 'skills' are very decent, although fans say that's not acting; that's just him being him. 

This was released two years ago, and people still find it hilarious. It's that laugh that does the job; Kawhi really impacted a lot of people when he admitted he was a fun guy.